What is the history of Dector Metal? Find Out Now

It really hard to believe that metal detectors are there a lot longer than you know.
It was towards the end of the 19th Century that many scientists and engineers began to use their growing knowledge of electrical theory in order to develop a machine which would pinpoint the exact location of metal.
Certainly the is, this tool offers a big advantage for each miner who was looking for ore rock.
Then a German physicist by the name of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove invented the induction balance system which was incorporated in to the production of metal detectors 100 years later.
Many of the first metal detectors were rude and used a lot of battery power and often worked only in very limited.
In fact Alexander Graham Bell used one in 1881 to try and locate the position of a bullet which was lodged in the back of the then American President James Garfield after his assassination.
However, the actual development of the modern metal detector began in 1930 when Dr. Gerhard Fischer, a system for producing and direction finding was used to navigate with precision pilots around the world.
Although this system worked extremely well there were some anomalies noticed by Dr Fischer when over terrain that carried ore bearing rocks or metal was placed close to the system.
He reasoned that it should be possible to machine a metal disk with the search to a specific resonance frequency radio could detect design.
So in 1937 he applied for and was granted the first patent for a metal detector.
He soon found that his plans had been used for practical, as most were used to identify mines during the Second World War.
Although they were heavy, consisting of a vacuum tube and required separate battery packs they worked and after the war many of the surplus mine detectors that were on the market were being purchased by relic hunters who not only used them for fun but for profit as well and so the hobby of metal detecting was born.
Soon more and more manufacturers are producing their own versions of metal detectors by the Geiger counter Oremaster Electronics whites in California produced in 1950 invented Charles Garrett and produced the (Beat Frequency Oscillator) BFO metal detector (Garrett and is still one of the leading designers of the world metal detectors today).

But it was during the 1950’s and 1960’s because of the invention and development of transistors that many metal detector designers and manufacturers were able to make smaller lighter machines with improved circuitry and were able to run on much smaller battery packs.
They also have a size that a child would be able to easily manage and many have been reduced.
In fact there was such a huge requirement for these early models that Companies sprang up not just in the USA but in Britain as well hoping to supply the growing demand.
Even today, the trend for the detection of metal as a hobby and still when the company Metal Detectors Garrett Metal Detectors and fishermen are still producing new designs all the time.


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